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Dive into the mind's wonderland in this Immersive Art Experience.

Alice in Wxnderland is a 1/1 NFT art collection with a VR video  that takes you on a journey within the artwork.




"We're all quite mad here, you'll fit right in!"


Inspired by the dark mushroom forest of the classical story, we take you to a forest like no other- a place inside your head. Mind forest explores your wildest thoughts, memories and dreams fused in modern elements that you find yourself lost in, everyday.


Be it your buzzing phone, alarm clocks, cigarette box or sleeping pills, acknowledge everything that occupies your mind, in Alice's Mind Forest.

The artwork is sold out for 0.3 Eth on Foundation.

Immersive experience: VR VIDEO

The VR video takes you to a mesmerizing 3D environment to navigate the enchanting world of Alice.


3D Design by Devesh Lahoti 

 Video & Environment Design by Nikunj Sharma

Concept, Illustration & Art Direction by Ishleen Kaur

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