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Summer Internship 2022

Visual Designer | Zomato

I was a part of multiple integral projects undertaken by the team including designing for the Independence Day Campaign. Other work included thank you cards, animated instagram reels, social media advertisements and day to day creatives for Zomato and Blinkit.


Independence Day Campaign

Zomato hosted a special Independence Day Event for the brave-hearts of our armed forces in Siliguri, West Bengal army camp on the 75th Independence Day, 2022.


I conceptualized and designed the range of creatives for the campaign including banners, bags and standees.

Concept & Design

I illustrated the design that deliciously combines the spirit of independence day with 

tri-colour Indian sweets from different parts of the nation centered on the tray. 


​​​​​​​Laddoos, Barfi, Gujiya, Paan and Modak come together to bring the utmost sweetness to the campaign!


In the subtle background, the tribute from Zomato to the Nation and our Brave-hearts is depicted through colorful elements.


The project came under "Intercity Legends" which is a new Zomato feature that brings famous dishes from different states to customer's doorstep for ex. Agra's Petha, Rajasthan's Ghewar etc.

Event & Execution

The event was a huge success wherein, accompanied with Youtuber Gaurav Taneja, a team flew down to Siliguri Army Camp, West Bengal, where the legendary heroes enjoyed the legendary sweets!

Take a look into the project through Zomato's Linkedin Post

Legends Intercity Thank-You Card

Legends Intercity in a newly launched, exclusive feature by Zomato where iconic food from different states will be delivered to doorstep of customers.


I worked with the Legends Team on the design of the thank you card, which is sent with each order. 


The design is inspired by the Royal Doors of India, which brings together the luxury and the culture. The card imbues grandeur and magnificence while making the customer feel special and valued.

Instagram reel illustrations

I worked on some illustrations for a reel for a popular Instagram trend based on the Netflix series "Stranger Things". 


The reel was to be created with a twist, so that it links back to the brand.


Illustrations by Ishleen Kaur and Gul Chandna

Reel by Sachin Dhivar

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