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Go Sikh

Team Go Sikh serve Sikh Turbans and Patkas in multiple countries across the globe.

I illustrated sticker designs to be given away with orders that cater to kids. The characters are inspired from members of the GoSikh Family who have passed on, cherishing their warm memories of fond activities like skating, sports, athletics etc.

Untitled-Artwork 1.png
Untitled-Artwork 3.png
Untitled-Artwork 2.png

Both of these names are names of my favorite relatives that have passed and these new characters are a homage to them.

-Guri Singh (Founder, Go Sikh)

TErribly tiny tales

TTT creates and shares short-stories and narrative content across platforms for brands and creators.

On Friendship Day 2023, I illustrated comic panels titled 'Yaar Wala Pyar' for TTT and Ceat Tyres Collaborative Campaign.


rough sketches

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