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Into the metaverse

Graduation Project, 2023

Interality is a Mixed Reality platform that lets web2 & web3 creators, games, brands and IPs build community, engagement & rewards through social & gaming experiences and virtual assets.

As an Extended Reality (XR) Visual Designer, my role involved designing graphics, visual art assets for Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR).

Grad PPT-6.jpg
magazine mock up.png

Zine spreads

AR FIlters

frames AR_edited.png

The cover features the 'UNIT PASS' which serves as an entry point to the Interality-universe. 

The QR Code at the bottom reveals an augmented filter with a 3D version on the pass.

The article 'Next Gen Creators' features the framed video 'The Evolution of Visual Expression' created with AI and stable diffuision tools by Fabio Comparelli.

The video plays in the magazine by scanning the QR code.

The last page features an island map of Interality showcasing it's different components.

The QR Code takes you inside the Interality world with it's AR filter.

Group 86.png


Grad PPT-7.jpg


I also worked upon some illustrations and creative assets for different tools and extensions of Interality.


Image0001 1.png
Grad PPT-20.jpg
Grad PPT-21.jpg


Space Pod design

Space Pod's are Interality's home-base units for creators to personalize and showcase their digital assets. I created visualized the outer shell and interior design elements for this space.

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