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Illustrations representing characters and stories from ordinary, everyday life in my magical, vivid and dynamic style.

Far & Beyond

w day.jpg

Far and Beyond is an artwork I made for International women's day NFT exhibition;

It is about she who dreams, chases and achieves. She is powerful & passionate; She is love and hope and magic and more. She is woman.

Break Free

Mental Health.jpg

Break Free' is an artwork that represents the shattering of stigma around men's mental health in today's world.

In a society that tells men to 'Man Up'- conditioning young boys to suppress emotions and 'just deal with it'- it is difficult for men to acknowledge their feelings and reach for help in times of need.


Winner of Sanskriti Design Challenge
By This Day at Jaipur Literature Festival

Ishleen Kaur_Design_Odhani.jpg

This artwork is inspired by the women of my hometown- Jaipur in the colorful land of Rajasthan, India.

I aim to show the amalgamation of traditional heritage and contemporary lifestyle which these beautiful women embody. They wear a traditional veil (called 'Odhni' in local language) over their heads like a crown!

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